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Hey, if you've wanted to buy my soaps, now is the time. I'm having a pre-surgery sale to raise money to pay for medications, after care (bandages, etc), and food that DOESN'T require me to stand or cook for long periods of time. Soaps are $4.50 each and bath fizzies are $2 each.

Donations are also really appreciated if you can help and don't want to buy soaps. There is a donation link in my profile info.


Jan. 18th, 2013 09:37 am
anthylorrel: (Hello Sweety!)

For those interested, these are my soaps.

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Soaps are available for $5 a bar, and $5.15 shipping for up to 8 bars (excluding Vetyver bars which are still 4 to a box due to being a different shape) and $12 shipping for up to 20 bars. To place an order, simply message me here, on my facebook page, or send me an email ([at] listing which bars you want and your paypal email address. From there I will send you an invoice. Once your invoice is paid, your soaps will be shipped next business day. Custom and bulk orders are not out of the question, please message to discuss those.

My soaps are free from SLS which is an artificial lathering agent which has been known to irritate skin.

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Disclaimer: Due to the hand crafted nature of these items, products may vary slightly in size and color from the images shown.

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